Visual Culture & Gender
Volume 9 • 2014

Cunill figure 16
Detail from The Hyper-watchful, Watched Women (2007, installation) by Immaculada Rodríguez-Cunill in Visual Culture & Gender, 9, p. 88.



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Cunill painting Figure 6
The Dark Man (2005, acrylic painting, 73 x 60 cms) by Immaculada Rodríguez-Cunill in Visual Culture & Gender, 9, p. 84.

Veiling and Looking, Unveiling and Hiding
(Editorial 2014)
1-6 Karen T. Keifer-Boyd & Deborah L. Smith-Shank
A Hijab Proper: The Veil Through Feminist Narrative Inquiry 7-17 Sarah W. Abu Bakr
Animality-patriarchy in Mental Disability Representations 18-30 John Derby
An Autoethnography of Bodybuilding Visual Culture, Aesthetic Experience, and Performed Masculinity 31-47 Sharif Bey
Constructing the Sexual Self: Wolfgang Tillmans’s Portraiture and BUTT Magazine 48-59 Joe Festa
Understanding Perceptions of Masculinity through Superhero Iconography: Implications for Art Educators 60-74 Gary Johnson
Making Visible the Act of Watching: Artistic Resistance in the Face of Psychological Violence I 75-90 Inmaculada Rodríguez-Cunill

Indigenous Methodologies: A Collaborative Painting with Maya Painter Paula Nicho Cúmez

Metodologías Indígenas: Pintura Colaborativa con Pintora Maya Paula Nicho Cúmez


91-112 Kryssi Staikidis

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Editorial Assistant: Kathleen Goodyear