Visual Culture & Gender
Volume 10 • 2015

Lolicon collage

Excerpt from Loli-girls, 2015 mixed media, 9 x13, by Shari L. Savage
in Visual Culture & Gender, 10, p. 38.



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Andrea (2013, found ceramic, epoxy resin putty, enamel paint) by Jessica Harrison in Anthony Merino's article in Visual Culture & Gender, 10, p. 92.

Racial and Gender Violence>People Seeking Safety
10th Anniversary Editorial
1 - 5 Deborah L. Smith-Shank &
Karen T. Keifer-Boyd
From Nelson Mandela: A Gender Coded Semiotic Reading of a South African Tourist Necklace 6 - 19 Verónica E. Betancourt
The Public Pants: A Visual Rhetoric of Gendered and Classed Imperialism 20 - 28 Phil Bratta
Shame in the Sixth Grade and the Continued Surveillance of Female Body Hair 29 - 36 Julianne Guillard
Just Looking: Tantalization, Lolicon, and Virtual Girls 37 - 46 Shari L. Savage
Black Masculinities and Postmodern Horror:
Race, Gender, and Abjection
47 - 56 Jessica Baker Kee
Confronting Violence Against Women: The Artistic Practices of Adriana Cristina Corral and Jungeun Lee 57 - 70 Maria de la Luz Leake
Repurposing Barbie: An Arts-Based Inquiry 71 - 80 Cathy Smilan
Harvest, Roast, Brew, and Savor: Crafting Auto-ethnographic
Research-Based Arts and Arts-Based Research
81 - 88 Leslie C. Sotomayor
The Female Body and Identity: Four Artists from Body & Soul: New International Ceramics Museum of Arts and Design 89 - 94 Anthony Merino

Design: Leslie C. Sotomayor
Editorial Assistant: Kathleen Goodyear