Visual Culture & Gender Readers' Comments:

From Steve Willis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art Education in the Department of Art and Design at Missouri State University:

The commitments made by Visual Culture and Gender to “encourage and promote an understanding of how visual culture constructs gender in context with representations of race, age, sexuality, social units, (dis)ability, and social class and to promote international dialogue about visual culture and gender” makes this journal ideal for my Critical Theory class as pre-service undergraduate art education students struggle with their own voices and positions of power. By utilizing the articles presented in this journal, students are challenged to understand otherness and extrapolate how this will impact their future classroom environments while reflecting on contemporary theory in both visual culture and gender as ways of seeing/knowing/perceiving. This gives them a foundation to push against when they make future decisions. (August 2, 2010)

From Lauren Cleveland, an alum of the University of Montevallo with BA in English Literature, class of 2004:

I am always encouraged when I come across publications such as this. I believe it is extremely important for women to realize how everything around them tends to define who they are, instead of the other way around, and for them to realize that this is not how things should be. It is vital that we find our sense of self and not try to create it based on media/societal definitions of what it means to be "female" or "male." I especially enjoyed the drawings from Volume 1 where the girls drew self portraits. It is wonderful that these girls are learning at a young age to see themselves through their own eyes. (August 21, 2007)